Malofiy Suspended from Practicing Law

The name Francis Malofiy doesn’t ring a bell?  He representing the late Randy Wolfe on the copyright case against Led Zeppelin and their notorious “Stairway to Heaven”.  Malofiy has been suspended for three months and one day from practicing law; the decision was upheld by the three- judge appeals  panel.

Malofiy was found to fail to take responsibility for his actions.  In a prior case against Usher’s song “Bad Girl”, he tricked the co-defendant, William Guice, into signing documents without consulting an attorney, hiding their adversarial in nature relationship.

Malofiy’s defense was that, ‘he didn’t break the rules, and even if he did, the punishment was too harsh.’  The punishment was $28,000 court costs.  I wonder how he feels of the three month suspension?


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