Body Shaming = Jail Time

Does Body Shaming = Jail Time?  Well, not exactly.  What can get you some time behind bars is taking a photo of an unknowing victim, unclothed, in the woman’s locker room of your local gym.

In July, a Playboy Bunny decided to take a pic of the unsuspecting 70 year old woman and upload it to Snapchat with a not-so-nice caption.  After a lot of backlash this Bunny apologized saying she didn’t mean to send it out to everyone.  Later, there was another statement that said she is “not that type of a person” and she was going to take time to reflect on why she did it.

I say –  SHAME ON YOU!!  You deserve to go to jail!   No one is perfect, but to sneak a picture of someone at their most vulnerable moment is inexcusable.

To date, this 29 year old Bunny has had her gym membership revoked. The local police department is currently looking into whether or not to press charges.

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