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Thank you for visiting our website.  Empire Legal Reporting is a “Boutique” court reporting agency with “big” agency coverage. In our business, reputation and competency is what sets us apart from the competition. You will quickly recognize our value to your firm as a valued partner. Our certified stenographers. videographers, and interpreters are among the best in the business and we are grateful they chose to work with us. We sincerely appreciate all consideration of our services. If given the opportunity, we know that you will look no further.



Empire Legal Reporting is committed to continuing to be the market leader in the legal support industry.  We recognize and appreciate how busy a law firm can be; which is why our office staff will always strive to put our client’s needs first, available 24 hours a day to handle any kind of situation that might arise.  Our clients trust us completely and often view us as part of their team.  This is the reason our clients refer us so much business, which we believe is the highest compliment of all.



We will always look to “Raise the Bar” while continuing to “Build Our Empire”.  As the practice of law has grown to become a complex global business, driven by technology, we pledge to stay ahead of the curve and will never forget the core values Empire was built on.



We have access to all of the latest technologies to support every law firm. In addition to depositions, trials and court hearings, we also cover audio/tape transcriptions, county commission meetings, government meetings, public meetings, stockholders meetings, board meetings, conventions, etc. Our staff will plan everything from your pretrial proceedings, booking conference rooms, providing travel support, videographers, video conferencing, interpreters, notary service – let us do the leg work for you. We also offer copy services, mediation rooms, trial presentation technicians, and e-Discovery.

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